‘Other people’s words are the bridge you use to cross from where you were to wherever you’re going.’- Zadie Smith

on reframing obstacles

on embracing ageing

on why intuition shouldn’t be dismissed

on why it doesn’t pay to be a pessimist

on the wonder that is India

on why terrible governments are voted in

on dealing constructively with the paralysis that attends depression

on struggling to write something original and meaningful

on coping with lovesickness

on coexisting peacefully with self-doubt

on why its worth aspiring to be ordinary- the quiet confidence, among other reasons

on the necessity to check your check

on the importance of now

on how to keep going

on selfies matter

on the need to stay balanced

on kindness in men

on the source of inspiration

on the right kind of restraint

on the importance of self-knowledge

on self control

on gratitude

on imitation

on the 40% rule

on discontent

on female friendships

on world’s shortest diet advice

on plotting relationships

on the darkness inside

on princess 2.0

on the importance of not always being nice

on not stopping for anyone

on why you shouldn’t be a noun

on discipline in art

on why first love fails

on inner peace

on the importance of resolution

on being famous to the family

on conditioning

on the type of man he is

on Rupi Kaur’s ‘Sorry’

on Rupi Kaur’s ‘Leg Hair’

on Rupi Kaur’s ‘my kind of beauty

on Rupi Kaur’s ‘Power’

on adding girls to make better

on sleeping on it

on why men are no good, or why you need girlfriends

on acting now and apologising later

on reading prolifically

on zidd aur guroor (obstinacy & pride)

on a two way street

on healthy paranoia

on inexperience

on the markers of wisdom

on winning an argument

on making trouble

on resistance

on perspective

on the 2 essential rules of sales

on being curious

on skillet skills

on calling the goddess home

on never settling

on quality

on why networking matters

on cleavage- obsessed newspapers

on criticism as privilege

on putting cake first

on decisive is good

on the perils of excess

on pet names

on travelling

on girlboss

on why it’s okay not to be liked

on something that’s good to remember in love

on girlfriends

on love/ her/ spike jonze