Moisturising The Desi Way

If you’re invested in an exhaustive skin care regimen, you know how tough it is to find a good moisturiser. There’s the vaguely floral-scented stuff that feels like softened butter and smells of the parties your mum went to in the 90’s. It goes on in a tight layer of grease that’s waterproof (if you splash with water after you put in on, you’re technically not wetting your face) and prevents dehydration, but it isn’t really moisturising, which is a very different thing. Then there’s the pricey stuff that looks and feel like like dew on steroids- a delicate, serum-y texture that your skin’s supposed to absorb instantly. It feels light and lovely, but if you’ve got bone dry skin like mine you need to top it with something more substantial. If you don’t use the right kind of density, serum + moisturiser can feel like they’re weighing your skin down. Many report that the combination feels oppressively heavy especially for daytime. For those with oily skin, it exacerbates the oiliness. Anecdotally speaking, across skin types, everyone’s happier layering and loading in the night leg of skin care. It instinctively feels like the right thing to do.

Day or night, I believe that a good moisturiser is the perfect balancing act. It should feel like it’s sealing moist, freshly cleansed skin off, but not in the stretched- tight way the first commercial moisturizers did. I’m not a big fan of ‘light’ moisturisers or mousse-y textures; their moisturising capabilities are limited. I like to really feel my moisturisers, feel their weight on my skin. I like my skin to feel like a muslin dupatta just strung up on the laundry line- drenched but not heavy. Moisturised skin should glisten the way an orange peel does when you press it slightly and little golden pinpricks of citrusy oil surface, making it noticeably wetter and brighter. It sounds like a simple ask, but it isn’t. Most mass produced moisturisers struggle to get it right.

In the last couple of years, I’ve found a number of excellent moisturisers. They’re mostly developed by small businesses with a small- batch approach to product development. They tend to have short shelf lives, pack seriously high quality ingredients and have a raw, kitchen-made feel to them that I personally find irresistible. Most are more oils than moisturisers, but it stands to reason that a good oil calibrated for density- so it sits comfortably on your skin- should moisturize far more capably than a cream.

The ‘About To Glow’ by Enn is an outstanding way to keep your face soft and moisturised. It’s basically desi ghee washed a 100 times and thinned to a beautiful slippery consistency. Infused with kesar, it has the loveliest, mildest natural fragrance. I massage a fingertip- sized amount over just- cleansed skin every single day. 4 months of consistent usage and my skin has a hard-to-miss radiance. Ghee’s nourishing, restorative properties are no joke.

My little pot of About To Glow with the patron saint of dairy

This isn’t for you if you have oily skin. But if you still want to experience it, you can buy it for the dry, flaky bits on your arms and legs. It works just as beautifully.

The texture and the barely- there natural fragrance are phenomenal, and my favorite things about the moisturising oil

Buy it here.

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