the essential internet/ 45

An excellent primer on feminism for the friend/ colleague/ parent/ relative who just. doesn’t. get. it.

The disturbing racism- steeped history of candy in America, which anyone with a sweet tooth for big- name confectionery must know, plus the equally disturbing antecedents of India’s favorite boozy drink

There’s no word that describes the act of journaling better than life- changing. Here’s everything you need to know before you start. Also, a life audit is excellent prep for a personal journal

It isn’t hard to be generally approving of the French aesthetic and their sensible approach to beauty

I think I found my favorite version of Rajasthani classic Kesariya Balam

Image- Actor and dancer Helen, who I love most for her full, open, teeth- revealing smile, a contrast to the pursed- lip mouth contortions and knee jerk pearl- clutching performed by the leading ladies of her time. “…in the Merchant Ivory film Bombay Talkie I had to dance on the keys of a gigantic typewriter.”, she says in an interview, referring to the weird and wonderful nature of her job and the fantastical contours of her plumage. She brought childlike joy, grace and unmistakable relish to the act of embracing her sexuality, and for that India’s film industry must forever be grateful. May we all go through life like Helen dancing on the keys of a giant typewriter!

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