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Can we please stop being competitive about work hours? It’s pointless and stupid

Salt Fat Acid Heat author and star of an excellent Netflix show of the same name Samin Nosrat is SO relatable in this interview about her approach to  eating. “I did learn early on in my office life… that if I eat lunch out every day it’s really bad news and that often I can’t get anything done the second half of the day because I’m just digesting.

If you’ve ever slogged it out in a hostel you will love this show. Actor Srishti Shrivastava is effortlessly funny and also a Very Cool Person, as evidenced by this hilarious clip of her during a family Sundarkaand paath . I also love how she fashuns 

I’m still coming to terms with my depression, an intense, debilitating phase that lasted nearly half a decade. Sometimes it feels like I’m not past it completely, that I’m standing at the curling, rotting edges of something joyless and sinister and ancient, something pulling so strongly and primally it takes quite an effort to walk away. Other times it feels like a Dementor’s just brushed past me, leaching my world of color and happiness for entire minutes, altering the space around me to an aqueous consistency so everything seems still, slow, alien, leaving me numb and unable to function in the moment. I have to shake myself out out of it like a puppy just out of his bathwater. This particular episode is my favorite from among an entire series on depression. It talks about why depression is different from sadness, and how to tell if you or someone you love are depressed

Christian pop is a thing, and I LOVE it. Okay, some of it

Image- Saira Banu in my top choice of attire for shaadi season. The gharara/ sharara is a relic from 19th century Avadh, where it was worn by Muslim brides. The kurti hugs the waist snugly and makes for a pleasing visual counterpoint to the vast, airy farshi pajamas that spill and swish like sea foam around the axis of your body. Copious amounts of gota and zardozi are used to weight the garment and give it heft. Contemporary versions experiment with all kinds of fabric- cotton and chanderi are personal favorites- and cinch the pajamas a little way above the knee for a more impactful flare, making the whole thing an insanely comfortable alternative to its silhouette cousin, the lehenga

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