the essential internet/ 42


Ah perfectionism, that ole’ interview humblebrag. It’s actually a pretty damaging quality to have if you’re not careful. This excellent piece examines ‘three types of perfectionism: self-oriented, or a desire to be perfect; socially prescribed, or a desire to live up to others’ expectations; and other-oriented, or holding others to unrealistic standards.’

THE best, most realistically achievable makeup tutorial I’ve seen in a while. I love Halima Aden

Why Top <number> Under <number> lists are silly, and why it’s sensible to have shifting goalposts

Yes- there is such a thing as leaving a job you love. I’ve done it. The key thing to remember is to respect your reasons and not question your past self

Nupur Pant’s lovely, melancholic reprise of Kiven Mukhde Ton Nazraan Hataavaan has been looping on my AirPods since forever. This sitar- heavy cover is also quite something

Image- Actor Sarika wearing the sort of bindi that’s fast disappearing from the desi sartorial landscape. Roughly the size of the new one Rupee coin and associated most with actor Rekha, the large-ish maroon bindi makes an appearance only at weddings. On the other hand, smaller, subtler versions abound- the little black dot, the discreet single crystal,  shrunken stick-on versions of popular Indian textile and architectural motifs like the ambi and the mor. On Instagram, my favourite sari revivalist Chinna Dua paints her own bindis, drawing inspiration from her sari- of- the- day. Still, I can never summon the courage to wear one no matter how much my outfit’s screaming for it. 

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