the essential internet/ 41



Why isn’t anyone talking about toxic femininity?

I love clogs. There is something to be said for a shoe that melds comfort, practicality and leg- lengthening optics. My favorites come from Woodland; I currently own a lichen green pair with a sporty rubber undersole. Here’s why clogs are having a moment

For all the gau hysteria gripping the country, we know shockingly little about the quality of our dairy

Thoughts on the lost art of calling a gathering, and how to be a good hostess

Zero surprises- early Sona Mohapatra was as good as current Sona Mohapatra. When played in the middle of crawling traffic I’ve found that her songs have a curiously transportive quality. Suddenly you’re the cable TV- watching teen of your early 00’s and your heavily postered bedroom has begun to grate on you and you’re yearning to experience more than just the thrill of academic conquests- love, longing, betrayal, power

Image- Actor Khurshid Akhtar (Aar Paar, 1954) renamed Shyama in the casually Islamophobic conventions of India’s entertainment industry, wearing shades in a shape I’d personally never dare to and looking, like the millennials say, ‘like a total snacc’. 

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