the essential internet/ 40



Finding trouble reading books or long bits of writing, where once you could get through a dozen books a month? Beating yourself up over your poor reading productivity? This is the reason

The Buddhist mantra to finding happiness hinges on a technicality, but it’s an important one and makes all the difference

If JK Rowling’s newest iterations of the Potterverse feel contrived and inauthentic, it’s because they probably are

Writer Janice Pariat’s writing is a beautiful and life affirming thing. Explore her column for The Hindu BusinessLine here

I’ve always loved Bic Runga’s music. It’s a pity she never made more. This song was a constant headphones companion when I was living and working alone in the Philippines, missing S terribly. It’s playing on my car stereo a lot these days too

Image- Actor Raakhee reminding us that the waxing and waning of the choker’s popularity is irrelevant. Short or long, chubby or slender, there’s no neck the choker can’t make prettier. Sidebar: my heart broke reading this about her life

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