the essential internet/ 39

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Are you generally thought of as being a nice person and a delight to be around? No? If you tend to piss people off and genuinely can’t see why people won’t like you, this might help. Lots of obvious truths here but it’s still worth a read

The Duchess of Sussex is killing it with her hair choices. Her messy buns and flyaways are a refreshing departure from royal hairdos, coiffed, waxed and netted to within an inch of its life. With her simple, achievable updos, Markle signals a kinship with working women and their daily struggles to remain stylish

With general elections around the corner, propaganda is bound to get shoutier, cleverer and more sophisticated. WhatsApp is an especially vulnerable medium for the transmission of video content made with this cunning technique that has the potential to change outcomes in terrifying ways

Are you convinced you’re bad at math? You’re dead wrong 

This song is an unfailing pick-me-up

Image- Zohra Sehgal and her very browy brows, via.  

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