the essential internet/ 37



If you’re a woman, you’re probably familiar with the nosedive your confidence took in your teen years. If you’re parenting a little girl today, here are some ways you can help

Here’s a liberating thought- you don’t owe anyone an interaction

The hardest part of depression isn’t the blackness or the numbness- it’s The Impossible Task

Fed up women singing about how fed up they are- here’s a playlist. Add your own. I’m working on an Indian/ subcontinental playlist

This beautiful version of Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s timeless nazm is especially relevant today, a time when everything that defines our humanity is under assault

Image- A fresh-faced Saira Banu tumbling in the snow. I’d like to take my winter style cues from her. Not for us sub-tropicals a shift to the darker, vaguely menacing palettes that color the West’s Fall-Winter wardrobe and makeup choices. No thank you. I’m all for resolutely bright lips, liner flying into my temples, mufflers in every color of the rainbow and clothes that don’t care for autumn uniforms (Yes. Beanies, boots, tights and infinity scarves in assorted combinations of black, grey, cream, oxblood, rust and mustard constitute a uniform. Up your game, folks.)



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