the essential internet/ 35


Why ‘Hope you are doing well’ is a terrible way to begin a work email, and what you should write instead

The 18 behaviors of emotionally intelligent people

Why the truly rich are no longer interested in flashy displays of wealth

How costumes signal their own significance in Game Of Thrones (also a lesson in ‘costume casting’ for beauty and fashion brands)

Death and mortality aren’t often the subject of songs, but when they are, it’s magical. (Don’t forget to switch on the subtitles)

Image- Indira Varma as Maya in Kamasutra. Now known for her role as Ellaria Sand of Dorne in Game Of Thrones, her spectacular beauty lights up the screen. I love how her makeup ethic hasn’t changed over the years- natural hair and brows, kajal-rimmed eyes, lips that subtly signal kissability.

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