the essential internet/ 34


At the start of every year, I trawl the internet for new year resolutions I can steal for my own. The catch? They have to be realistic, authentic and ideally, come from women I admire. Plus, they shouldn’t make one feel terrible for faltering. Here’s a pretty good list; still looking for one that features Indian women

The three simple steps to mastering any subject, otherwise known as the Feynman Technique, named after Nobel winning physicist Richard Feynman

An excellent design critique of India’s new 2000 Rs note. (The writer’s views on the economic/ political aspects of demonetization are not necessarily my own)

The Danes are justifiably proud of hygge, their name for joyfully embracing the lacerating chill of winters. “The true essence of hygge is the pursuit of everyday happiness.”, says the author of a book on the subject. What a lovely concept. The four aspects of hygge make a great blueprint for brands, individuals or city governments chalking out a manifesto

Laung Gawacha made sexier

Image- Sadhana, whose Audrey Hepburn- inspired baby bangs are all the hair inspiration you need if you’re dying to shake up your hair but afraid of getting too drastic


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