the essential internet/ 32


Most writing about female politicians tends to be snide, either ignoring the role of gender, or making it the sole accusatory subtext. This balanced piece had me slow-clapping at the end. You can admire a lady for making it in politics and still be critical of her work

Are Indians suckers for grand gestures? Evidence certainly suggests it

Can mediums kill each other? No

The canny economics behind Sabyasachi Mukherji’s success, and why he’s forever mic-dropped the debate around design wins v/s commercial success- do you lose one when you invest in the other? (Brand stakeholders please note- your brand can be a work of pure art and lead share simultaneously)

Desi cover of Sia’s Cheap Thrills. Best!

Image- Vintage Kajol. All you need is a strong topknot game + earrings that graze your shoulders, and you’re set. 

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