the essential internet/ 31


Taken the 16 Personalities test yet? Still reeling from how brutally accurate the results are. Businesses should use this before they hire, and like health checkups before marriage, couples should take it too

Paralympic Games Silver Medal winner Deepa Malik’s manifesto for a happier life makes a ton of sense

One woman’s humorous reflections on glasses, and how she learned to love wearing them 

Marie Kondo made tidiness sexy and minimalism desirable. The science of behavioral economics backs her up

The glut of makeup artists on YouTube make it tough to pick one you can realistically follow. Jovita George comes highly recommended by a friend who knows her stuff. She’s great for makeup newbies and makeup averse women, specialises in the Indian skin tone, and uses inexpensive products that give you great bang for your buck. I’m a fan

Image- Waheeda Rehman illustrating the truth that brushed hair and glossy lips can be ethereal

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