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Winter’s almost here. For these transition months, consider investing in this long sleeved classic, the ultimate symbol of French cool. Can’t think of single person that won’t look good in this!

A handy guide on how to destroy yourself psychologically

Job envy is real. Stalking the Facebook bios and Linked In profiles of the people whose jobs we want does us no favors. Here’s how to deal with the heartburn

This project illustrates the importance of a good visual brief. Marketeers please note: any time spent thrashing out the exact visual specifics you’d like for your campaign is time well spent

My little brother got married. It was a small, intimate affair with family and close friends. The house smelled of incense and gende ke phool and varq waali mithai and sooji roasting in the pan for frequent halwa consignments. There was some great music. I was *cough cough* the DJ. My top pick? This 

Image- Indrani Rahman. Bharatanatyam and Odissi exponent who inspired the likes of Yamini Krishnamurty and Sonal Mansign to follow suit, teacher at Juilliard, muse to MF Husain, and best known for bucking the rules at an international pageant, wearing a bindi and gajra in the official pageant photograph. 

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