the museum of links/ 27


Why you’re this close to being Mark Zuckerberg but don’t know it

Why the first earplug came from Germany

Exploring the disturbing link between fashion and ISIS

Old but gold- an absolutely lovely interview with Leila Seth and Vikram Seth that will stay with you long after you’ve read it

Craving the legendary fruit cream at Haji Ali, Bombay. This recipe has me covered

Image- A heartstoppingly beautiful Nirupama Rao, then Nirupama Menon. Those melting brown eyes have stared some of India’s sneakiest frenemies down- tough nut diplomats from the US and China. In my favourite interview of her, her delicate features set, radiating an elegant brand of strength, she tells her white male interviewer- “The business of diplomacy is business.” Her Twitter Bio says it all: ‘Former Indian Foreign Secretary, Ambassador to the U.S & China. Reject extremes, bigotry, rabble rousing. Let’s sweat in peace, not bleed in war. Peace is my dream.’ PS: She still has amazing hair. Let the goddess worship begin.

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