the museum of links/ 26


SANJUKTA PARASHAR (IPS Officer, Dedicated Career Woman, Wife and Mother)

CV templates for every stage of your career.

If you a) love the idea of having your own children b) are a gal hitting her thirties and c) are nowhere near ready for motherhood for specific career or emotional reasons, chances are you’ve experienced ‘fertility anxiety’, a ‘deep anxiety about the ability to have children later in life’. So is your panic about your ticking biological clock justified? Is there even such a thing as a biological clock? Turns out there isn’t. What’s more, you’re doing yourself a favour if you’re putting off motherhood till you’re totally comfortable with the idea. EXHALE. EXHALE. INNER PEACE.

When debut authors offer tips on writing, you’ve got to take notes. These are very, very good.

Despised childhood staple lauki makes a sexy comeback into my good books with a recipe a toddler could execute.

Shitty Boyfriends is a must-watch webseries if you like your humour dark and your heroines relatable.

Image- Sanjukta Parashar, IPS, is a Kalashnikov-toting cop with a three year old son and an impressive record fighting Bodo militants in Assam. Every year,  fives and sevens and tens of such women quietly sign up for the Indian Police Service after clearing a gruelling exam that has a way of reducing people to snot and tears. For these policewomen, the challenge doesn’t end there, and yet, they’re not complaining. 



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