the museum of links/ 25


How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? If they’ve dissolved in a puddle of tears and self-loathing (like mine have), maybe it’s time to toughen up. This website lets you break or make a habit and track it for 21 days. You can choose one of two modes- free or committed. The free mode is gratis. The committed asks you to invest $21. For each day you succeed, you recover $1 and each day you fail, you lose the dollar to charity. These include Amnesty International, charity: water and United Way. The best part? You can withdraw your investment any time.

The fascinating economics behind Playboy’s famous decision. Great brands truly aren’t afraid to adapt.

How music changes your behaviour at home, or ‘what happens when a music-deprived home is flooded with tunes’ courtesy a lovely experiment by Apple, Sonos (a smart speaker company) and neuroscientist Daniel Levitin, the final authority on how music affects our brains.

An unusual alphabet book that’s supposed to make toddlers smart.  I love that it also makes adults smile.

I grew up hearing this song about love, and it remains my favorite. Here’s to first loves and sweet childhoods!

Image: An adorable picture of Dev Anand and wife Kalpana Karthik. Happy Valentine’s!

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