the museum of links 22


This little known brand has caught the fancy of the best marketeers in the business. I love their weirdly sensible riff on branding.

French women always bring their A Game to dressing up. The best part? They do it without breaking the bank. 

Speaking of French style, did you know you’ve been cuffing your shirtsleeves wrong all this time? I didn’t! This little trick, perfected by the very stylish creative director of one of America’s most iconic fashion brands, makes all the difference.

We all know the one question you should ask before you join a new job (“How’s the culture at this company?”), but is there a way to make sense of the predictable responses that are sure to follow? There is.

A lovely, nostalgic re-make of an old favorite. Every single time I listen to it, I feel more beautiful. I do believe it’s the most empowering, life-affirming song from a Hindi movie that a girl can listen to.

Image- Norah Jones looking startled and lovely. Loving the necklace-on-necklace detail- somehow, it looks so much more than just on-trend on her, it looks like a talisman, an accessory to her own elfin charm, a relic from some secret pixie religion she’s the priestess of. 


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