the museum of links 21



If you’re going to be your own Santa this year, gift yourself a cosy flannel pyjama set. At Rs. 2499, it might be hard to justify chucking your trusty college hoodie and worn track pants for something this expensive, but it’s worth it. I’ve spent two winters with the brand and swear by how good looking, luxurious-feeling and sturdy their clothes are. Also, they have the loveliest prints. Not sure if they retail online, but Delhi folks can find them at the Select City Walk Mall in Saket.

If I could pick my favorite book of 2015, it would be this one. Absolutely unputdownable.

Something to help you wrap your head around the confusing, often contradictory associations that plague Islam today. Quietly brilliant.

How to peel garlic in under 10 seconds. I use copious quantities for pasta and find this very useful. No more nicks, sticky fingertips, or smelly fingers.

Ring in the new year with this wonderful movie, surrounded by loved ones. Warm fuzzies guaranteed- I’ve watched it twice.

Image- The incomparable Waheeda Rehman shows us that beauty lies in the unfinished details- the slightly un-trimmed brows,  un-slicked flyaway hair at the temples, lips merely stained- not painted- with a wash of colour, an easy look that tends toward naturalness.  So many runway looks these past two years have done this trend, and it doesn’t look like its going to go away soon. 

PS: Thanks to my Facebook friend Bushra Ahmed for the link to Hanif Kureishi’s piece in the New York Times.





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