valentine’s gift guide- for the nerdydev in your life

Red and navy thick striped dress shirt in well-fitting and comfy breathable fabric from Bhane, Husband’s favourite clothing store. ‘Broadens’ the chest area and the upper arms for just the sort of bulked-up look men seek wistfully in the mirror. (Wonder why, when we love them just the way they are :-/)  Best worn with worn jeans. Rs. 1800. Buy it here. Those in Delhi could also visit their store at Meharchand Market.


Insanely comfortable, chunky yet classy leather chappals from Clarks. Husband owns a pair and treats them like second skin. Despite the ‘beach’ in their name, they’re serious and formal-looking, so they’re best worn with jeans and a crisp shirt. Clarks has a way with soles, so don’t be surprised if loverbwoy ditches his trusty sneakers for these. Rs. 2449. Buy them here, or at any Clarks store country-wide


`Classic Nehru jacket in premium cotton, from FabIndia. A uniform for world domination (ref: politicians and bureaucrats), and occasions where the regulation suit just doesn’t cut it. Also good with jeans and a kurta, a la Saif Ali Khan. Husband wears his with a crisp white short kurta (folded at the sleeves), black jodhpurs and his trusty paper-thin Citizen watch. Rs. 990. Buy it here. Fun fact: I’ve literally been thrown out of FabIndia once for sleazily plying Husband, who had just emerged from the trial room wearing said jacket with *cue lusty Jaat accent*- Sir jee, mhaara bhi vote lelo! Mhaare badan me kaante late hain kya? This scandalised the shy salespeople no end. Hyuk hyuk!


Checked ties by Lino Perros in the three basic colours every guy must have in their wardrobe. On the yellow and red ties, the textured check ‘breaks up’ the bright colour and tones it down for the perfect balance of sexy and sophisticated. Rs. 556, Rs. 636 and Rs. 636 respectively. Buy these here, here and here


Striped ties with lots of personality by Lino Perros. These stand out colours are best paired with suits in muted navy and dark grey, and best worn on festive occasions or for a fancy evening out. Rs. 906, Rs. 796 and Rs. 556 respectively. Buy these here, here and here


Floid 3-in-1. Shampoo, conditioner and bathing gel all in the same bottle, from an old brand that has its origins in the American barbershops of the 1930’s. I personally love the art on the label. Perfect for men who like things simple. Rs. 1349. Buy it here


Socks that break boring, by beloved Swedish brand Happy Socks. Husband is a fan. Best worn with jeans and sneakers (top sox), and shorts and tee for a game of tennis/ cricket (bottom sox). All socks are Rs. 299 each. Get these and more here



iPhone 5s ‘Preserver’ cover by Otter Box. They make the best phone covers in the world. Solid, chunky and snug-fitting, these will make Loverboy Butterfingers happy because once they’re on your phone, it is invincible. It will not break easily and will survive assault from assorted keys and the sticky, messy stuff that lives in pockets. Rs. 4632. Get it here. Also check out their covers for other phones here


Gentlemen’s sleepwear from Marks & Spencer. Very Barney Stinson. Husband has owned two sets for the last three years and they look just as new and feel just as great. Rs 2000 upwards. Buy them at any Marks & Spencer store near you


Happy Valentine’s! At the risk of wet-blanketing this whole thing, I’ll say just one thing that’s well worth remembering- if someone doesn’t love you the way you want them to, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you with all they’ve got. So love your man to bits, even if he’s not as demonstrative as you are. Love and hugs to you all!

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