valentine’s gift guide- for the nerdydevi in your life

Titan Raga watch with gorgeous fuchsia dial and tan strap. The perfect balance of rich and understated. Rs. 2495. Buy it here or at any shop that stocks Titan watchestitanmulti Amy Tan’s simple yet immensely addictive writing and strong women protagonists for the feminist in her- hidden or otherwise. Rs. 399. Buy it here


Fireworks at her earlobes! Silver earrings  from Amrapali buzzing with the colours of gulaal. Rs. 3860. Buy these here. You could also give her an Amrapali Gift Card for shopping online, available here


Dainty heels in mint with an adorable scallop detail, from Done By None. The right amounts of dressy. Rs. 2299. Buy these here


Jewel-toned sari in Mangalgiri cotton by Love For The Loom, inspired perhaps by a parrot’s quest for the perfect guava- green on the outside, pink on the inside.  Comes with a blouse piece in green. Just right for one of the many functions that lead up to a friend’s wedding, an office celebration, or a dressed-up day out. Rs 3000. Buy it here


Ombre sari in chanderi cotton by Vyuti, inspired by birds flying in a sky broken with soft grey clouds. Stunningly beautiful. Comes with a blouse piece. Best worn in the day. Also good for work. Rs. 5000. Buy it here


Cute tea mug by Letternote. Because calling your sweetie food names (muffin, pumpkin, sugar bun) is so yesterday. Call her beverage names instead. Rs. 195. Buy it here


iPhone 4/ 4s cover by India Circus. Adorably rendered tiger cubs against a pretty blue backdrop, reminiscent of childlike primary schoolbook art. The actual blue is a bit darker than it is in the picture, so don’t be taken aback. It’s just as pretty. Rs. 349. Buy it here 


One of Midnight Owl’s three strikingly sexy plaid skirts. Best worn with a white button-down shirt and boots. Write to the girls for any doubts on sizing, they’re prompt to respond. Rs. 1500 for each. Buy these here


A swimsuit that’s both risqué and modest. For the beach vacation you’re fever-dreaming about this cold winter. Rs. 3300. Buy it here


Happy Valentine’s, devs and devis! Look after each other- the world needs more lovers. Next up- a Valentine’s gift guide for the nerdydevs in your lives.

Please Note- These are NOT sponsored posts. I have personally purchased these items (or others) from the above brands, hence the recommendation. Sponsored posts will be declared upfront. 

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