the museum of links 20


Basic fashion tips for the unfussy grown up man

Amazing insight on why children sometimes play in disturbing ways

Heard of Flirtmoji? These witty ‘adult emojis’ are a great sexting tool (Warning: NSFW)

16 delicious Pakistani foods and beverages you must try. Going to reach out to a Pakistani friend for recipes!

Do yourself a favour and skip that movie for a play- so much more memorable, and such fun! Consider one of these 10 woman-oriented plays at the Bharat Rang Mahotsav, the National School of Drama Delhi’s annual extravaganza, on till Feb 18. Take your pick from among excellent plays in Hindi, English, Assamese, Bangla and Malayalam. I’m looking forward to ‘Umrao’ and ‘C Sharp C Blunt’. Get your tickets here

Image- Saira Bano shows us why dere be no cat eye like a Saira Bano cat eye. Style lessons I’m taking? A boat neck and snug three quarter sleeves are the best way to elevate your sari game. The key is to wear only one item of jewellery- you do either the neck or the ears, not both. Also, if you’re going with a strong eye, don’t go with a strong lip, and vice-versa. I love how her lips are merely stained here, to let her big, bold eyes take centre stage. 

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