the museum of links 19


Thinking of incorporating exercise into your cubicle farmer routine? Consider running. It’s cheaper than gymming, and also more sustainable and more enjoyable. Plus, you cut a pretty hot figure running freestyle in your tracks, as opposed to slumped and sweaty at the stepcycle in the gym. So why aren’t you running already? Maybe this will explain. *giggle*

Pretty damn glad I’m nowhere near THIS milestone, but if and when I do get there, I’m going with this brilliant advice on how to talk to your kids about sex

Blown away by Gazal Dhaliwal’s searingly honest story about her body

Why the viral ‘Slap Her’ video is wrong at every level, and why the whole ‘real men don’t hit/ rape women’ trope is dangerously misleading

One of the best, easiest-to-follow tutorials I’ve seen on tying your sari right

Image- The lady you owe your Wi Fi and Bluetooth-enabled devices to. Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian American film actress from the 1930’s was once called the most beautiful woman in the world, but that wasn’t her only claim to fame. She was also an inventor who worked on technology employed by the American military in World War Two, technology that laid the foundation for the likes of CDMA, Wi Fi and Bluetooth. The next time you see someone dismiss a woman in a professional setting because ‘she’s just a pretty scatterbrain’, or if you’re not being taken seriously by a bunch of grouchy old men who smile indulgently at you and/or tell you your dress looks nice, take a deep breath and think of Hedy Lamarr. 

Source- Rock Paper Photo. Hedy as shot by Bruno Bernard. 

Good weekend, devis. I’m so sick of winter. I would like to feel my toes again!

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