the museum of links 18


Know who the world’s leading experts on skin care are? Koreans. Not only do they set the course for practically every single global trend in skin care (think Anti Ageing cream, BB cream, Night Emulsions, Day Serum) they also take pride in turning little-known, little-understood ingredients into skin care stars overnight. The average Korean yeoja has a 10 step skin care routine that makes my 3 step CTM (Cleanse-Tone-Moisturize) look pitifully inadequate. Even though it sounds intimidating, it takes only 15 minutes, which is why I’m going to try it using the ayurvedic equivalents to each Korean one

Fancy homemade duck, cooked Assamese-style? I’m vegetarian and my mouth is watering. This feels so wrong…

A weirdly awesome winter hair trend I’m sporting on a daily basis. Huehuehuehuehue!

If you’re a woman leaving office at 5:30 PM, you should do it with pride, without guilt or apology

What you should know about the new Censor Board chief *snorts*

Image: Ketholeno Kense, model, shot by Ashish Shah for Harper’s Bazaar. I’ve been following her career closely, and I can promise you that she will put Nagaland on the world’s map. My biggest takeaway? KEEP THOSE BROWS FIERCE. BROW PRIDE! DON’T MOW THOSE BROWS!

Ah Friday, Day 1 of Day 4 of a long weekend! Hope you’ve planned a fun Monday, devis. Happy decompressing!

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