the museum of links 16


Charming the socks off someone, making new friends, nailing a deal, or negotiating to advantage- how do you do it without seeming insincere, cloying, or unpleasant? This is by far the best advice I’ve gotten on the subject.

How to cold email a complete stranger.

If you’re a girl that likes her hair short (I do) but often finds herself getting cold feet at the salon (I don’t), this is probably what you’re thinking, but shouldn’t.

The lip gloss to beat all other lip glosses. It makes thin lips appear fuller; not obscenely bee stung, but pleasantly plump. Love the name too! It’s available at Sephora and at that shady dukaan that sells ‘grey market cosmetics’.

A beautiful song I just pulled into my iPod.

Image- Sanam Saeed, Pakistani actor and protagonist in ‘Zindagi Gulzar Hai’, one of my favourite shows on television. Written, directed and produced by women (a rarity in television and film), the show tries to decode the confused and chaotic DNA of the subcontinental male, and does it gently, conversationally. A must watch- and I bet you’ll fall hard for Sanam’s character! 

Good weekend devis. Hope you’re enjoying the newness of the year.

One thought on “the museum of links 16

  1. love that we have similar tastes in music, television and now beauty too.
    i havent just loved zindagi gulzar hai but have loved sanam as the protaganist in it much more than I have lived Fawad in it.
    very refreshing and succinct take on storytelling. u should catch humsafar too, though thats not a s progressive.

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