the museum of links 12


The holidays are here! Here are some stunning places- hidden jewels all- that will make your stay memorable. Big plus? Booked well in advance, they’re cheaper than a five star! I can personally vouch for #1 on the list.

Why spending a day sampling Chandni Chowk’s goodies is a must. *drool!*

I recently discovered that this is a legitimate sport. Dayum! I could’ve tried for the Olympix! Also- this suddenly makes my dream fitness goals achievable.

10 types of bosses you don’t want to work with. Made me 🙂

Been listening to this on loop. It’s sublime.

Image- Photograph of woman in white sari from the 1900’s, LIFE magazine. Maybe it’s time to challenge the negativity that surrounds the white sari in the North. White is beautiful- its sets our dusky skins off nicely, is a great colour for the summer months, and is basically a blank canvas with infinite possibilities. 

Have a good weekend, devis!

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