fine whine


A fine whine made with

the tears of my father in law when he heard I’m not going to give up working for the ‘health and well being’ of my husband

the tears of the anti-ageing cream salesman who looked crestfallen because I didn’t buy his ‘At 28, you’re practically an old woman’ argument

the tears of a male travel companion who thought it best to interrupt my conversation at the airport helpdesk of a cab company so that his loud, authoritative and undoubtedly God-ordained male voice could drown out mine on a matter of great importance- booking a cab to the city

the tears of a male relative who I continually frustrate with my swearing and my right to air my opinions. And oh- my very demonstrative affection for my Husband. Yes- because that’s what we all need- a man to tell us when we’re being unfeminine- you know, cussing and pawing at a hot bod like- whaddaya know- a man

the tears of another male relative, a sleaze, who sulks if you refuse to dance (read: hold hands and bat eyelids) with him at a wedding

the tears of a male colleague who actually called me out once in the middle of meeting for saying that I knew people. He thought I was being pretentious. Had a man said, “I have a friend, a VP at RandomCompany Inc, that can help us with executing this”, he would’ve been met with applause. None of the women around me said anything as male tears flowed freely

the tears of a random stranger who thought it best to remind me of ‘khandaaniyat’ and ‘izzat’ and ‘tameez’ when I wrote a scathing piece on how even educated Indians regress into the 13th century when it comes to marrying their kids off

the tears of every self-righteous man who’s complimented me inappropriately (‘Achi lag rahi ho!’ *lighthouse-beam eyesweep of me, followed by what they think is a charming grin*), only to be rebuffed with an eyeroll/ eyebrow-raise/ curt ‘Sup?’

Image & ‘Fine Whine’ concept via Misandry at Tumblr

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