the museum of links 8


Shampoo and conditioner are great, right? WRONG. You can do without them and their scary side effects with this simple and entirely doable solution. Which I’m now on, by the way.

How to talk posh, in case Mr. Darcy is real and one meets him at a party. I mean pahtie. 

The 7 worst mistakes people make in their thirties. I’ve made a bunch of them already, yikes.

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but yes, I can’t wait for this Kristen Stewart film to release. They’re saying it’s her ‘I’ll-prove-’em-wrong!’ and ‘I’m-not-an-AI-freak-created-in-some-lab-where-they-don’t-do-human-facial-expressions’ movie.

You’ve all met my Imaginary Best Friend No 8, John Oliver. But have you seen him rip the Establishment apart on Nuclear Weapons? Keep a hankie ready to wipe away tears of mirth.

Image Marjane Satrapi, the Goddess With The Most Famous Mole In The World.  

Have a great week devis. Hope this takes the edge off your terrible Monday.

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