blogfix 2.0


Quick context- Blogfix explains any changes I’ve made to Ole Blogerta.

As mentioned in Blogfix 1.0, I painted my blog yellow in anticipation of mango season. Thanks to my mum in law sending over a peti of ripe Sindhuris, I’m getting plenty of yellow now, and hence the colour shift. This is not only a looks-refresh, but also signifies my impending Descent into Darkness, (no) thanks to exams, a punishing schedule and rampant usage of black ink refills. The green is to remind me of happier times- particularly the one time I lay spreadeagled in an actual meadow near my home in the mountains, surrounded only by rolling mounds of green that would put a Lord of The Rings set to shame.

I will now be blogging very infrequently too, and after five posts or so, will stop because there’s a Lot going on at home. I plan to resume in the first week of September, so if I don’t, wake me up when September ends. (ha! always wanted to say that to someone!)

I love putting all this content out for you to read, though it comes at the cost of much personal time (a long post takes anywhere between 2 to 5 hours) and heartachy arguments with Husband, who thinks I turn into a monosyllabic zombie when I’m focusing on my writing. It takes an insane amount of effort to make the blog easy to read, stay on-brand and topical and not drift into confessional territory, which is really my default setting. And because I want it all to make sense, I usually write in the early hours of the morning, between 1 and 6 AM, when the only sounds that disturb me are ghouls playing, rats scurrying, dogs barking at shadows and Jaat Boyz racing each other on un-mufflered Harlies and Oddies. I want this blog to be your pit stop for honest, intelligent and nuanced opinion on the things that matter to young Indian women like us, and I want to make you laugh, think and exclaim. If there’s anything specific you’d like me to cover, please do mention it in the Comments section, or write to me at

Much love devis, and thanks as always for reading.

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