the museum of links 2


Eat This Poem has a poem for every meal-  because what is thyme without a rhyme? Also, food’s made better when food’s made verse. *see what I did there? ruffles own hair lovingly*

Emma Watson is jawdroppingly elegoofy in this video , i.e. elegant + goofy, a quality a lot of new actors seem to be cultivating. (Jennifer Lawrence, much?) This, not unlike molecular gastronomy, involves the juxtaposition of two starkly divergent attributes to pleasing success- such as impeccably coiffed hair + jokes about bodily fluids, perfect nails + imitations of animal mating calls, or haute couture + photobombing pose. Elegoofy is being sophisticated and self-deprecating and funny, all at once

A cute, unusual gift for a loved one

A great way to get the real dope on the careers you’ve always wondered about

Because, like it or not, the Internet is predominantly white, even the female writing. Because I’m sick of being blitzed subliminally with messages like Hollywood > Bollywood. And because we need an Indian Jezebel

Have a good weekend, devis.

Image- Vidya Balan looking like a star from the yesteryears and rocking some fierce ‘rows while she’s at it. Great Instagram inspiration.  

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